Surfing and mint tea

Surf et thé à la menthe

For this second article of the blog they speak you of Mosy Shooting Day, our first Vlog and of Morocco, become our destination surfing preferred: nice rights all year long, very close to at our place, not very expensive, a culture surfing in full development, short perfect combo!

Thunderbolt for Moroccan waves

December, 2018, first surfing Moroccan trip for (still future) team Mosy during which the coast on the basis of Marrakech to Agadir is followed and they are to celebrate Christmas between two waves in Taghazout.

March, 2019, second trip in Imsouane for (more so future) team Mosy in the big suit, they understood well where to go to pass the winter when the surfing becomes rarer in France and, although the name is not found yet, they begin developing Mosy plan between two nice rights of “Magic bay” and three or four couscous...

Mosy invites each other in Morocco

Our site in July was taken out and they make our first blowhole in September at Seignosse, but there this really begins congealing in the water and they are not going apparently to pass the winter to wait that the sun returns in France.

They decide to follow surfers' stream French and at the beginning of December one they open Mosy Maroc.That's good luck, if you follow they are rather fan of destination! 


Three times in Morocco in one year, they begin having our habits and our secret blips. The magic bay makes eyes at us with its long perfect waves, but finally they choose to become established in Taghazout to organise our Mosy Shooting Day #2, this small city north of Agadir became a true temple of the surfing and they know that there will be an a little broader public over there to make the launching of Mosy in Morocco.

On top of that, the mates their news guest house has hardly been just opened to it, they are welcomed as kings there, they love madness of their baby dej’ and they organise with them the Mosy Shooting Day #2.

Mosy Shooting D-Day

Our stand on the blip of Devil' s rock is installed, banners Mosy take the wind and our local photographers are welcomed.

It is when our legendary is met Alias but also Mary and Spike that you can find in the vlog. They shoot us as well as of surfers of the corner, on rather cool but a bit muddy waves it is necessary to say it, of blow they finish the day in an intimate circle in Desert Point where waves are a little more homely.

The after party on the terrace of is where the photos of the day together with the photographers and some surfers, around a barbecue of compet’ are viewed.

You are let discover all this in our very first vlogthey hope that he will please you!


... in no-claims bonus, the photo prefr' from the rédac'